Reyes, Victoria. Forthcoming (September 2019). Global Borderlands: Fantasy, Violence, and Empire in Subic Bay, Philippines Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press

Peer-reviewed articles

Reyes, Victoria. “Ethnographic Toolkit: Strategic Positionality and Researchers’ Visible and Invisible Tools in Field Research” Ethnography, published online first October 25, 2018: SocArXiv link

Reyes, Victoria. 2018. “Port of Call: How Ships Shape Foreign-Local Encounters” Social Forces 96(3):1097-118,

Reyes, Victoria. 2018. “Three Models of Transparency in Ethnographic Research: Naming Places, Naming People, and Sharing Data” Ethnography (Special issue on innovations in ethnographic research) 19(2): 204-226 SocArXiv link10.1177/1466138117733754

Reyes, Victoria. 2015. “Global Borderlands: A Case Study of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines” Theory and Society 44(4):355-384 Pre-proof Article

Reyes, Victoria. 2015. “Legacies of Place and Power: From Military Base to Freeport Zone” City & Community 14(1):1-26 [lead article] Article (free)

  •  City & Community’s most downloaded paper in 2015

Reyes, Victoria. 2014. “The Production of Cultural and Natural Wealth: An Examination of World Heritage Sites” Poetics 44:42-63  Article

Reyes, Victoria. 2013. “The Structure of Globalized Travel: A Relational Country-Pair Analysis” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 54(2):144-170 Article (free)

  • 2015 ASA PEWS Section Terrence K. Hopkins Graduate Student Paper Award

Book chapters

Reyes, Victoria. Forthcoming. “Global Ethnography: Lessons from the Chicago School,” Research in Urban Sociology, Volume 16: Urban Ethnography (invited)

Reyes, Victoria. 2018. “Culture and Globalization” In John R Hall, Laura Grindstaff and Ming-Cheng Lo (Eds) Handbook of Cultural Sociology (Routledge International Handbook Series) pp 546-554 Abingdon, UK:  Routledge (invited submission)

Reyes, Victoria. 2017. “Stigmatized Love, Boundary Making and the Heroic Love Myth: How Filipina Women Construct Their Relationships with American Military Men” in Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot and Gwenola Ricordeau (Eds) International Marriages and Marital Citizenship: Southeast Asian Women on the Move Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp 140-157 SocArXiv link

Reyes, Victoria. 2015. “Investigating Globalizing Cultures: Its Creation, Structure, and Meanings” In Vincenzo Mele and Marina Vujnovic (Eds) Globalizing Cultures: Theories and Paradigms Revisited Pp 21-38 Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers Pre-proof Link to publisher

Reyes, Victoria and Miguel Angel Centeno. 2011. “McDonalds, Wienerwald, and the Corner Deli” in Ramesh Subramanian and Eddan Katz (eds) The Global Flow of Information pp. 23-40. New York: New York University Press Pre-proof Link to publisher

Book reviews

Reyes, Victoria. 2017. Review of Migrant Encounters: Intimate Labor, The State, and Mobility Across Asia by Sara L Friedman and Pardis Mahdavi (Editors). International Journal of Comparative Sociology 58(5):469-471 (invited review)

Reyes, Victoria. 2016. Review of Social Unrest and American Military Bases in Turkey and Germany since 1945 by Amy Austin Holmes. International Journal of Comparative Sociology 57(3):178-180 (invited review)

Reyes, Victoria. 2016. Review of Neutral Accent: How Language, Labor, and Life Become Global by A. Aneesh. Contemporary Sociology 45(4):405-407 (invited review)

Reyes, Victoria. 2011. Review of Divided by Borders: Mexican Migrants and Their Children by Joanna Dreby. ACCOUNTS: The Newsletter of ASA’s Economic Sociology Section 10(3):7-8

Other publications

Reyes, Victoria. 2018. “Can Ships Help Cultivate Cross-Country Ties?” Sociological Insights for Development Policy 3(1): 1-2,

Reyes, Victoria and Kirsten Adams.+ 2017. “Navigating a Difficult Journey: Reflections on How a Student-Faculty Partnership Helped Address Racial Tensions in a Social Science Course” International Journal for Students as Partners 1(2),, (reflective essay)

Reyes, Victoria and Kirsten Adams.+ 2017. “A Partnership Approach to Managing the Challenge of Apathetic Students” Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education 22, (reflective essay)

Reyes, Victoria. 2015. “Cultural Wealth of Nations” in Frederick F Wherry (Ed), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc (invited submission)

Reyes, Victoria. 2014. “Globalized travel: A relational, quantitative study” In SAGE Cases in Methodology London: SAGE Publications, (invited submission)

Public sociology writings

Reyes, Victoria. February 4, 2019. “Why Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Took Place in a ConsulateThe Conversation

Reyes, Victoria. August 3, 2018. “Navigating Stressful Life Events,” Conditionally Accepted at Inside Higher Ed

Reyes, Victoria. January 25, 2018. “Demystifying the Diversity Statement,” Inside Higher Ed

Reyes, Victoria. July 27, 2017. “Making the Most of Your Postdoc,” Inside Higher Ed

Reyes, Victoria. May 9, 2017. “Demystifying the Journal Article,” Inside Higher Ed

Reyes, Victoria. March 8, 2017. “10 Tips for Thriving, Not Just Surviving, in Graduate School,” Inside Higher Ed

Reyes, Victoria. December 16, 2016. “A Trump-Duterte bromance would be complicated–but so are U.S.-Philippine ties,” Monkey Cage at the Washington Post

Reyes, Victoria. March 2016. “Contribution to IPM Dialogue: ‘How important is it to attend conferences?’” ASA Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility Section Newsletter 1(5): 10-11 (invited contribution)

Under review and in progress

Reyes, Victoria. “Contractual and Stewardship Timescapes: The Cultural Logics of US-Philippine Environmental Conflict and Negotiations,” under review

Reyes, Victoria. “Cultural Models of Global Worth: The Leaders, Discerners, the Persistent, and the Disengaged,” working paper (available upon request)

Reyes, Victoria and Karin Johnson*. “Pedagogy in Action: Active Learning in Undergraduate Classical Theory and Honors Introduction Courses,” working paper (available upon request)

+Indicates undergraduate student co-author, * indicates graduate student co-author

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